Timing Pulley Flanges

Standard Precision Pulley Flanges Currently in Production

Thickness 0.036 0.060 0.090 0.120 0.060 0.090 0.120
Part No. 11XL 10L 14H 16XH 5MM-16 8MM-20 14MM-26
12XL 12L 15H 18XH 5MM-17 8MM-21 14MM-28
14XL 13L 16H 20XH 5MM-18 8MM-22 14MM-29
15XL 14L 17H 22XH 5MM-19 8MM-24 14MM-30
16XL 15L 18H 26XH 5MM-20 8MM-26 14MM-32
17XL 16L 19H 27XH 5MM-24 8MM-28 14MM-33
18XL 17L 20H 28XH 5MM-30 8MM-29 14MM-34
19XL 18L 21H 30XH 5MM-32 8MM-30 14MM-36
20XL 19L 22H 32XH 5MM-34 8MM-32 14MM-38
21XL 20L 24H 36XH 5MM-36 8MM-33 14MM-40
22XL 21L 25H 40XH 5MM-38 8MM-34 14MM-42
23XL 22L 26H 5MM-40 8MM-35 14MM-44
24XL 23L 27H 5MM-44 8MM-36 14MM-46
25XL 10L 28H 5MM-48 8MM-38 14MM-48
26XL 26L 30H 5MM-52 8MM-40 14MM-49
27XL 27L 31H 5MM-56 8MM-44 14MM-52
28XL 28L 32H 5MM-60 8MM-45 14MM-55
30XL 29L 34H 5MM-62 8MM-48 14MM-56
30XL 29L 34H 5MM-62 8MM-48 14MM-56
32XL 30L 35H 5MM-64 8MM-50 14MM-60
34XL 31L 36H 5MM-68 8MM-56 14MM-80
36XL 32L 37H 5MM-64 8MM-50 14MM-60
40XL 34L 38H 5MM-60
42XL 36L 40H 5MM-64
44XL 38L 42H 5MM-72
45XL 40L 44H 5MM-80
48XL 44L 45H
56XL 48L 47H
60XL 48H
72XL 53H




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