Many Industries On Vision

Parkway Metal Product, Inc. prides itself in quality and service. Our vision is to provide the very best products to our customers. Our industry base is consists of strong growing companies that share the same vision as we do. Each of our industry specialties get the result in durability and greater ease in design of their products. We are certified and experienced in these areas.


In transportation, we provide parts for aircraft, train and auto that meet manufacturer safety standards.


In gaming, we are unprecedented vendor in casino and pinball gaming machines.

Medical Equipment

In medical, we help save time and money in providing companies with strength and durability for design of equipment essential to stringent medical standards.


The communications sector requires metals that harness various electrical elements that we excel in.

Military Defense and Aerospace

Parkway Metal Product, Inc. proudly provides fabrication to support the complex projects of the US Military and aerospace engineers.

In military we are quality providers of all sheet metal components for the short and long term projects of even the most technologically advanced needs. We provide aerospace with components and parts to meet their most state-of-the-art requirements